Pence Trojan Superstars honored in December


Pence Elementary School’s second-grade Trojan Superstars for December are, from left, Brenna Golden, JJ Rodriguez, Grace Hellweg, Jeffrey Felipe and Allie Hammes.
PHOTOS SUBMITTED Pence Elementary School’s second-grade Trojan Superstars for December are, from left, Brenna Golden, JJ Rodriguez, Grace Hellweg, Jeffrey Felipe and Allie Hammes.

Pence Elementary School recently honored its Trojan Superstars for December.

“Our December Trojan Superstars are those who exemplify Trojan Traits (Respectful, Responsible & Safe) in and out of the classroom,” explained Pence principal Angela Jones. “We are honored to recognize these leaders within each class.”

2T- Allie Hammes’s teacher says Allie “has worked so hard in school all year! She has always come to school with determination and a smile! She is a kind friend to others and is willing to help anyone. She is my Trojan Super Star because she also shows respect in the hallways and is a role model. She is safe on the playground and helps others to be as well. She is responsible and gets her homework done and turned in every day.”

2H- Jeffrey Felipe’s teacher says “I can always count on Jeffrey to be showing the traits of a Trojan! He is the type of person that can instantly put a smile on your face and always returns a big smile right back at you. He is kind to everyone, no matter what. Jeffrey knows the expectations in and out of the classroom and I can always count on him to be leading by example.”

2B- Grace Hellweg’s teacher says “Grace is kind and respectful to all students and adults. She is always willing to help others. Grace shows respect by following directions and listening when others are speaking. Grace demonstrates responsibility by making sure her homework is turned in on time, and participates in class discussions. She is very determined and accepts challenges in a positive manner. She is a hard worker and always tries her very best. Grace shows what it means to be safe at school by following the school rules in class, the hallways, and while playing at recess.”

2J- JJ Rodriguez’s teacher says “he works hard to be friends with all his peers. He gets along with all his classmates and works well in groups. He is always ready to help whenever he is needed. JJ does a wonderful job of following Trojan traits inside and outside of the classroom. He is respectful to everyone he meets and always has a smile on his face. JJ is a great example of treating people with kindness. JJ works hard to complete his work. He has determination to get his tasks finished.”

2M- Brenna Golden’s teacher says Brenna is respectful, responsible, and safe every day she comes to school. “Brenna is always excited to be at school and is ready to learn. She works hard each and every day and is responsible for her learning. Brenna always looks forward to seeing her growth from progress monitoring, spelling test, and math test! She is motivated to do better than she did before! Brenna works hard to meet goals she sets for herself and those set by her teachers!”

3H- Tristin Markle’s teacher says “Tristin is responsible for his attitude and effort. He comes in ready to learn and works hard every day. He is respectful of his classmates as a partner in group activities and by staying focused during individual work time. He is safe in the classroom, hallways, and playground. Tristin can be counted on to bring a positive attitude and love for learning to every new activity. His classmates enjoy working with him.”

3S- Gretta Winheim’s teacher says “Gretta is always following her Trojan traits within the classroom through her hard work, dedication, and kindness to everyone! I can always count on Gretta to do the right thing within the classroom, halls, and playground. Most importantly, I can always count on Gretta to be honest! Gretta is respectful to everyone in the classroom and is always willing to lend a hand to anyone. Gretta is responsible by always making sure her work is done, and her desk area is clean. Gretta also shows she is responsible by helping any teacher out with anything they need. Finally, Gretta shows she is safe by following all the rules anyone puts before her.”

3F- Amelia Burbank’s teacher says Amelia “is a responsible student by working hard with each assignment and task in class. Amelia is respectful to each of her classmates and teachers. She is responsible by following her Trojan Traits in the hallway, on the playground, and in the classroom. Amelia brings a positive attitude to class every day and sets a great example for her classmates.

3L- Elliott Ward’s teacher says “Elliott is a positive role model in our classroom and school. She is eager to participate in class discussion, activities, and all types of learning showing a level of responsibility for her education. Elliott shows fellow Trojans what being respectful is like when she interacts with her classmates and adults each day. She is careful to treat others the way that she wants to be treated, as she speaks and plays with them. Elliott is always making safe choices on the playground, walking in the hallways and even when using our technology.”

3R- Aubrey Ryan’s teacher said Aubrey “is a leader in everything she does. She stays on task and follows directions. She helps other students in our class whenever they need guidance. Aubrey models safety by walking in the classroom, staying in or next to her seat, and keeping her hands and feet to herself. She models responsibility by finishing assignments and turning everything in on time. She models respect by being kind to others and treating everyone with fairness. Her integrity and compassion are truly admirable.”

4D- Marleigh Waugh’s teacher says “Marleigh is an extremely hard worker! She tries her best in all work that she does, and keeps a positive attitude while doing it! I can rely on Marleigh to make good choices even when no one is looking. She is extremely kind and is always willing to help others. Marleigh is determined to get her work done, and get it done right! I can always count on her to set a good example for others. Her upbeat attitude and empathetic demeanor are great qualities to have in our classroom!”

4N- Norah Sirdoreus’s teacher says “Norah shows determination and a passion for learning. Norah puts in extra effort to achieve her goals. When she passes her goals she shares her excitement with her peers, and then she sets new goals. Norah includes her peers and works well in groups. I can also count on Norah to help out in the classroom.”

4F- Lydia Cass’s teacher says Lydia “is such a sweetheart, and is also kind, caring, respectful, and responsible. Lydia works hard during class, and turns her work in on time. She’s a good listener and never disrupts the learning of other students. She’s helpful towards her classmates and works well with partners. Lydia has awesome patience with others, and is always a Trojan Trait Superstar role model for everyone in our class.”

4R- Miguel Rosales-Patlan’s teacher says “Miguel does a great job in the classroom being a role model. He stays on task when working in groups, and is always ready to participate in discussion. I can count on Miguel to have his materials ready and waiting for instruction. He is ready to learn when he walks into the classroom. Miguel is always smiling and happy. His positive attitude brings a lot of energy to the class.”

4T- Jaxon Kurka’s teacher says Jaxon “is always showing his Trojan Traits both in and out of the classroom. He is always being respectful, responsible, and safe! Jaxon is a great role model for his peers and younger students in the school. He is always working hard to complete the task at hand. He is respectful to everyone he meets and treats people with kindness. Jaxon is always lending a helpful hand, no matter what the job is.”