Alcohol-server training for RAGBRAI Thursday

Fairfield RAGBRAI’s merchant alcohol training program is underway in Jefferson County, with a class planned for Thursday night.

Merchant alcohol training is designed for those who are organizing Fairfield’s beer garden during RAGBRAI’s visit on July 25. It’s intended for those asking for identification, attaching wristbands, serving alcoholic beverages, working security detail and cleaning up. The training is open to any business in Jefferson County that wishes to attend.

The class will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Elks Lodge, and last about an hour.

According to a news release from Fairfield RAGBRAI, “This exciting program will aid in the prevention of alcohol sales to minors during RAGBRAI. We cover a variety of topics in an interactive manner. We discuss alcohol’s effects on the brain and body, and factors that can increase impairment. We also look in detail at IDs and driver’s licenses in Iowa and discuss what makes a driver’s license or other identification valid.”

The class will cover all relevant laws pertaining to selling and serving alcohol in Iowa.

“Attendees tell us they learn a lot that can help them with their job,” continued the news release. “Even those who are ‘veteran’ servers report the advantages of taking the classes.”