Civil War plaque to be rededicated Saturday

The Civil War plaque at Howard Park.
The Civil War plaque at Howard Park.

A plaque commemorating the first troops from Jefferson County to enlist for the Civil War will be rededicated at 10 a.m. Saturday in Howard Park.

Fairfield resident Dick DeAngelis was saddened to see the plaque fall into a decrepit state over the years.

“It was looking awful, with the cement crumbling under the small stone that the plaque was attached to,” he said. “I couldn’t stand seeing it that way, so I asked people if I could undertake a project to fix it.”

DeAngelis enlisted the help of many people to repair the plaque and supporting stone including Robert Estle, Dennis Kossow, Kent Whitney, Pam Craff and Calvin Todd.

“This means something to me,” DeAngelis said. “This is a great story about the men who volunteered together at Howard Park to train for what they hoped would be a short war. It ended up being a major war.”

The plaque reads: “This was the drill ground of the first company of volunteers from Jefferson County to respond to President Lincoln’s call for troops in 1861. Company E, Second Iowa Infantry.”

The plaque was erected by the Daughters of Union Veterans.