Council approves RAGBRAI ordinance

The Fairfield City Council unanimously approved the third and final reading of an ordinance setting special rules during RAGBRAI’s overnight stop in Fairfield on July 25.

The ordinance temporarily suspends certain laws from July 25-26 that are otherwise in effect the rest of the year. One of the laws suspended deals with signs. Councilor Michael Halley said the restrictions on sign placement had to be lifted because the RAGBRAI committee plans to install a lot of signs to help riders navigate the town.

Councilor Doug Flournoy asked Halley if someone was going to check to make sure the signs didn’t create a safety hazard for traffic. Halley said Fairfield Police Investigator Julie Kinsella and Fairfield Streets Superintendent Darrel Bisgard are on the RAGBRAI committee responsible for signs, so they would make sure the signs do not pose a hazard.

The RAGBRAI ordinance also suspends a handful of other ordinances for those two days, such as the ordinances banning beer in city parks, limiting noise from outdoor entertainment and banning people in city parks after 10 p.m. The ordinance includes a $750 vendor fee to sell to the riders outside of a normal business establishment ($350 for nonprofits).