Jefferson County Board of Supervisors — Jefferson County Courthouse first-floor meeting room, 8:30 a.m.: no meeting.

Ambulance Board — Jefferson County Health Center Conference Room C, 10-11:30 a.m.: call to order; closed session per Iowa Code 21.5.1 (1) [To discuss patient care quality improvement initiatives, marketing and pricing strategy or similar proprietary information in a meeting of health care provider (hospital/28E) where disclosure would harm groups competitive position and no public purpose would be served by public disclosure.] and Iowa Code 21.5.1 (c) [To discuss strategy with counsel where litigation may be imminent and disclosure may prejudice the groups position in litigation.]

Fairfield Public Library Board of Trustees — Fairfield Public Library Conference Room, 5:15 p.m.: call to order (checker: Kristine Davis); public address; approval of minutes; approval of bills; communications; librarian report; committees reports; unfinished business (boiler replacement; funding for new chiller; public computers and software [Windows 10]; bylaws revision; certificates of deposit; humidifier); new business (election of officers; policies review [collection development, bulletin board]; confirmation that documents are signed and initialed]).

Fairfield Community School District Board of Directors — Administration/Curriculum/Technology Center, 6:30 p.m.: call to order (roll call; approval of agenda; approval of consent agenda [approval of minutes; approval of bills; donations; standing transfer approval for school lunch fund; interagency tuition agreements; open enrollment; support staff information; monthly financial report; August calendar]); highlights and FHS student report (Deb Matthews and FBLA students); public participation; old business; administrative reports; new business (personnel; approve FCSD Elementary Student Handbook; approve Lifetouch Studios contract; approve TAG Program changes; approve the MOU with Community Childcare Center; approve the Curriculum Department cycle; approve the purchase of Meraki access points and licenses; approve the FCSD’s District Advisory Committee for 2019-20; transportation agreement; approval of Employee Handbook); president (highlight from each member; upcoming meetings).

Fairfield City Council Property Committee — Fairfield City Hall, 6 p.m.: Little League lease and property concerns; sanitary sewer dedication; Wastewater Treatment Plant annexation.


Ambulance Board — Jefferson County Health Center Board Room, 1:30-2:30 p.m.: call to order/approval of agenda; approval of minutes; ambulance service reports; financial update; hospital report; other business (information sharing; Fairfield Fire Department supplies.)

Fairfield Beautification Commission — Fairfield Nutrition, 5:15 p.m.: call to order; roll call; budget; projects; nodes; entry signs; Rose Awards; grants; nuisance reports; suggestions/comments.


Jefferson County Board of Health — Jefferson County Public Health conference room, 6 p.m.: BOH items for consent; green burial; discuss and consider an ordinance for tanning facilities.