You'll be glad to know Midwesterners

To the editor:

The East used to understand the Midwest … at least they sort of did. After the past few years and the past few elections, it is clear that it is time for some review of the essentials.

Midwesterners are descended from pioneer stock; the best stock our nation ever produced. The pioneers were self-reliant, resourceful, resilient, versatile and independent.

Midwesterners are patriotic. They cherish the traditions of their ancestors; they respect tradition for themselves and for others. They maintain their traditions and customs with perseverance and gratitude. They love America. And what it stands for.

Midwesterners are generally religious. They go to church on Sunday. Their family members do, too. They believe in the principles of religious worship. They are reverent. They respect the right of others to worship according to their own cherished beliefs.

Midwesterners are not complainers - not for the large part - they certainly do not complain about the weather - as easterners often do. They do not complain about much else either.

They get down to work - to change, improve or address what others complain about. If you are in trouble they will give you the shirt off their back but don’t borrow their hose without asking first.

Midwesterners understand the motivation to come to the U.S. for a better life. That is why their ancestors came here. They understand this as well if not better than anyone else in this country.

Midwesterners believe in rules, laws, and fairness. They want to see everyone given a fair shake but no one preferential treatment. And to see no one given an exemption from the rules they live by. Don’t shoplift here; you will not get sympathy.

On the whole, Midwesterners - the ones descended from pioneers any way - are not cynical or sarcastic. They do not mock others, others institutions and/or ridicule other’s beliefs. They do not mock or even disrespect other people’s political convictions or their religious beliefs. And they do not want anyone to mock or ridicule theirs.

Pretty simple and easy to understand, right? They will not listen to talk of deplorables or smirking remarks about guns and bibles. They will have none of that.

Midwesterners do not like big words and flowery speeches. Say what you mean, mean what you say, say it plain and simple. Do not make the mistake of thinking they are ignorant or stupid. They are just as smart as you are probably more so. They are not gullible either.

Midwesterners are not hard to understand. But you have to live here a while to get them; really get them. And if you haven’t lived here for a while - at least 10 to 15 years; Be quiet. Be patient. And observe - You will get to know them eventually. And you will be ever so glad you did.

- Jim Turner, Fairfield