Family has first-hand experience with Miller-Meeks

Marianette Miller-Meeks who is running for the Iowa Senate has our households support. We believe that a true test of a person’s character is doing something for someone else that doesn’t benefit them self personally. First hand we have seen Dr Miller-Meeks come to our home in Stockport on her way home from her practice at the end of the day to check on the welfare of our family member. Dr Miller-Meeks compassion for a senior citizen who had difficulty with mobility and had issues with eye pressure assisted us with keeping a handle on it with no personal gain for her. Dr Marianette Miller-Meeks is a woman of good character, stable, keeper of her word, concerned, compassionate for others, a caring person to help someone without personal gain. We believe that is what is needed for the Iowa Senate. Dr Miller-Meeks has proven to us a she will be a committed, trustworthy, no- nonsense person to do the right thing on the behalf of the citizens of Iowa.

Gordy & Pamela Oliver