Letters to the Editor

Fossil fuels provide us many amenities

By Jack Eddy, Fairfield

After reading “FBI files report on three Fairfield residents” in the Ledger’s 18, 2019 edition, I couldn’t help but laugh even harder than the happy protesters pictured on the front page.

For some silly reason, all through my life I have never thought that being arrested – for any reason – would make me laugh, or even smile. It certainly wouldn’t make my summer any cooler. I also didn’t know it was necessary to go to a training class to learn how to be arrested.

I do agree that our winters here don’t seem to be as brutal as they were 60 years ago. Maybe that is partly because my home furnace keeps my living area more comfortable than a wood stove did.

Maybe it is because I can travel 10 miles to and 10 miles back home in a comfortable vehicle – “uphill both ways,” I might add.

Having said that, I wonder how these folks would like to be without all the amenities fossil fuels make available to them … electricity, running water, heating and cooling and, oh yes, gasoline so that they can drive five hours each way, twice, to protest having the means to do it.

Amazing, isn’t it?