Letters to the Editor

Hero saved me after I fell

To the editor:

I got home on Tuesday afternoon Nov. 27. I parked my truck at the end of the driveway and got the mail from my mailbox. I started to go to the truck, the next second I was face down in a snow drift about 5 feet deep down in the ditch.

I finally got turned around and tried to climb up to the driveway. I got about halfway up only to slip back many times. My truck was blocking me from the north, so no one could see me. Several vehicles went by but didn’t see me waving my hand. I was getting very tired, cold, and scared for my life.

I finally saw one more vehicle coming, so I grabbed my mail and waved it as far up as I could reach. Thank God someone saw the papers waving. A man turned around and came back, jumped out his truck and rushed to me.

He said, “Take my hand,” looking like an angel to me. It took a while to get me out of the ditch because I was so tired and I couldn’t help him help me. It was very hard to get a foothold but he finally dragged me up to the driveway. I couldn’t get to my feet because I couldn’t feel my hands, so I crawled a few feet to the passenger side of my truck.

I couldn’t get up because my hands hurt from being in the cold too long, since I didn’t have gloves on and I was shaking too much. This amazing man picked me up and set me in the seat of the truck. He also put my truck in the garage and shoveled the snow off the deck so I could get in my back door. He unlocked the door for me and helped me get inside, he again asking me if I was OK.

He strongly advised me to take a hot shower as it would help, so I took his advice. During this whole ordeal, I bet I thanked him 20 or more times, he smiling each time. Turns out he is a mail carrier … These men and women do so much more than deliver our mail, they save lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tom Kelly, for being there for me. You are my hero!

- Connie Singer, Fairfield