Letters to the Editor

Volunteers needed to adopt garden nodes

To the editor:

It’s spring at last! If you enjoy gardening, our Fairfield Beautification Commission needs your help. We are looking for volunteers to “adopt” garden nodes around Central Park.

The node gardens truly enrich our downtown - visitors often comment on the beauty of the square. Our team of dedicated gardeners is growing, but we need more to cover all the nodes. Volunteers commit to weeding and tidying up one or more of the gardens around the square and North Main Street throughout the blooming season - April to October.

We gladly recognize you with a sign in your adopted garden, and it’s a great way for organizations, families, or individuals to help keep Fairfield beautiful. If you would like to adopt one of our downtown gardens, or have more information, please contact Paula Armstrong at: paula.l.armstrong@gmail.com or Jessie Nichols at 641-209-9130. Come join the fun! We need YOU!