Support for Mary Stewart

Dear Editor,

In all of my encounters with Mary, I am so impressed with how well she listens to people and gathers their thoughts and concerns. Mary has put her political platform together based on what she hears, what she has experienced first hand in thirty three years of working in education and all of her years living in southeast Iowa. I remember the day when many of us marched in a labor rally in Ottumwa. Both John Deere and Hormel workers were experiencing safety issues, loss of benefits and threatening pay decreases.

These two factories provided employment for many families in Ottumwa and surrounding rural areas. The changing job market since those times has required a different set of skills. Mary’s whole career has been one in support of the working class. Mary has worked front and center to provide Iowans with job readiness skills, vocational training, and providing economic development opportunities.

I write this letter in support of Mary because I believe all people should have equitable education opportunities so they are prepared to enter the job market of today. Productive citizens working a full-time job should be making enough to provide for their families. In turn, people can afford to spend money and feed money back into our economy.

This simple pathway works for all people and Iowans win.

Big companies that we lure to Iowa should not be about tax breaks. I want companies that come to Iowa because of a highly trained workforce and work ethic that Iowans have always been known for. Mary is the candidate with these ideals. She has the leadership and experience to make this happen. Please join me and vote for Mary Stewart and the other Democrats on the ticket on or before November 6th.

Jane Ragen