Why the Nov. 6 election is so important

This coming Tuesday, November 6, Iowans will be called upon to vote for local, state, and Congressional candidates. Once elected, these officials will make decisions affecting nearly every aspect of our lives. And while our two principal parties hold differing opinions on many issues, the most significant of these differences can be summed up in a single sentence:

One party willingly tolerates corporate abuse of workers’ rights and eminent domain, and the degradation of our air and water, while the other party believes that corporations must be held to reasonable standards to protect the public interest. In other words, one party places profits over people while the other party puts Iowans first, where they belong.

Put still another way, one party favors the interest of the wealthy few, while the other party favors the rights and wellbeing of ordinary Iowans like you and me. Next Tuesday, please consider which party truly represents the best interests of you and your family, and vote accordingly. I’ve already voted straight Democrat.

Jonas Magram