Fairfield track to get paint job

Monday evening at the Fairfield school board meeting, the repainting of the track and field lane lines and numbers was approved.

“We had a major track renovation in 2010 when I first became AD and that time it involved tearing it up and laying new foundation plus new seating for Trojan Stadium,” said activities director Jeff Courtright.

“This is just some painting of the lanes lines and numbers that are naturally worn out and needs to be touched up,” added Courtright.

While there were possibly cheaper options, the board learned that they wouldn’t match and there would need to be some blacking out of the previous paints and that would make it harder to predict the overall cost of the project.

“We went with company from last time and it will match exactly,” explained Courtright. “They still have the old stencils for future use as well and hopefully when we need it again, they’ll still be around.”