Four Trojan wrestlers place at West Delaware

The Fairfield wrestling team traveled to Manchester Dec. 1 for the West Delaware Invite with eight FHS grapplers competing for the Trojans.

113 - Jonah Cooper, Jr.

Quarterfinals: Cooper over Collin Wehr (Assumption) (Fall 1:30)

Semifinals: Jonathon Erp (Red Oak) over Cooper (Dec 8-2)

Round 3: Cooper over Koal Bossom (Central DeWitt) (MD 13-3)

3rd place: Cooper over Luke Farmer (West Delaware) (SV-1 7-4)

120 - Cohyn Roach-Summers, So.

Quarterfinals: TJ Fitzpatrick (Assumption) over Roach-Summers (TF 15-0 4:13)

Round 2: Roach-Summers over Logan Astelle (Grinnell) (Dec 8-4)

Round 3: Cael Grell (Central DeWitt) over Roach-Summers (Fall 1:14)

5th place: Roach-Summers over Jett Fridley (Muscatine) (Fall 3:21)

138 - Logan Adam, So.

Quarterfinals: Kuinton Middugh (Muscatine) over Adam (MD 10-2)

Round 2: Hunter Northup (Benton Community) over Adam (Fall 0:46)

Round 3: Casey Guyer (West Delaware) over Adam (MD 12-1)

145 - Payton Cline, So.

Round 1: Ethan McCaulley (Central DeWitt) over Cline (Fall 3:42)

Round 3: Ryan Townsend (Muscatine) over Cline (Fall 3:34)

160 - Caleb Heisel, Jr.

Round 1: Heisel over Cole Graves (Dike-New Hartford) (SV-1 10-8)

Quarterfinals: Justin McCunn (Red Oak) over Heisel (Fall 0:46)

Consolation round 2: Mikel Fullhart (Decorah) over Heisel (Fall 5:17)

7th Place Match: Brian Delgado (Benton Community) over Heisel (Fall 1:22)

170 - Carter Spalla, Sr.

Quarterfinals: Nate Rolfs (Decorah) over Spalla (Dec 10-5)

Round 2: Spalla over Bronson Alter (Grinnell) (Dec 8-5)

Round 3: Logan Schimanski (Assumption) over Spalla (Fall 1:42)

5th Place Match: Spalla over Nate Rolfs (Decorah) (Fall 2:46)

195 - Wyatt Baker, So.

Round 1: Dawson Palmer (Decorah) over Baker (Fall 0:33)

Round 3: Kieran Monaghan (West Delaware) over Baker (Fall 0:39)

220 - Aidan Pohren, So.

Round 1: Kody Wenger (West Delaware) over Pohren (Fall 1:13)

Round 3: Dakota Swatek (Decorah) over Pohren (Fall 2:24)

Fairfield will host Southeast Conference rival Washington tonight at FHS with the match beginning at 6:30 p.m.