Kooiker sets FHS record in high jump

Trojan junior Landon Kooiker set a FHS school record when he eclipsed former Fairfield standout Daniel Swartz’s mark of 6’6 by soaring 6’7 to win the meet at Ottumwa. Kooiker also qualified for the Drake Relays by surpassing the blue standard of 6’6 that automatically sends an athelete to the historical event in Des Moines.
Trojan junior Landon Kooiker set a FHS school record when he eclipsed former Fairfield standout Daniel Swartz’s mark of 6’6 by soaring 6’7 to win the meet at Ottumwa. Kooiker also qualified for the Drake Relays by surpassing the blue standard of 6’6 that automatically sends an athelete to the historical event in Des Moines.

The Fairfield boys’ and girls’ track and field teams traveled to Ottumwa Tuesday for the 70th annual Don Newell Relays with the young women finishing third behind Iowa City West and the host Bulldogs while the guys were highlighted by multiple event wins, including a school record high jump of 6’7 from junior Landon Kooiker who broke the previous Trojan record of 6’6 held by Daniel Swartz.



1 Iowa City West 180

2 Ottumwa 142

3 Fairfield 90

4 Sigourney 58

5 Burlington 57

6 Albia 35

100 Meter Dash

FHS senior Alexis Jones was third with a time of 13.46, with her teammate, sophomore Sophie Wallerich, crossing in fourth in 14.02.

200 Meter Dash

Trojan freshman Dani Breen was second with a time of 29.78, just ahead of her sixth place teammate, senior Blair Bowman, who ran it in 30.55.

400 Meter Dash

The Trojans junior distance runner, Hailey Pohren-Gevock, clocked a time of 1:09.81 that earned her fourth place.

800 Meter Run

The freshmen duo of Mallory Lyon (2:44.66) and Grace Sobaski (3:00.65) finished fifth and 11th, respectively.

1500 Meter Run

Trojan senior leader Ashley Bloomquist was first in the most-of-a-mile race with a time of 5:10.83.

3000 Meter Run

Pohren-Gevock ran the nearly two-mile race in 14:00.02 to finish seventh.

100 Meter Hurdles

Sixth place went to Trojan freshman Brynley Allison who clocked in at 18.19 while 11th place went to her teammate, junior Allison Rebling, who finished in 20.30.

400 Meter Hurdles

The freshman Allison also ran the longer version in 1:20.77.

4x100 Meter Relay

Third place went to the combination of J. Dunlap, A. Jones, C. Ferrel and A. Dunlap that crossed in 52.64.

4x200 Meter Relay

J. Dunlap, A. Jones, C. Ferrel and A. Dunlap finished second in 1:52.02.

4x400 Meter Relay

The Trojans were third in the combined mile with S. Wallerich, M. Lyon, O. Jones and M. Jones joining together for a time of 4:42.37.

800 Sprint Medley

FHS was fourth in the other half-mile race with Wallerich, Dani Breen, J. Dunlap and A. Dunlap running it in 2:02.85.

Distance Medley

The Trojans were first with a time of 4:36.12 by D. Breen, O. Jones, M. Lyone and A. Bloomquist.

Long Jump

Dani Breen was fourth with a leap of 15’03.50”.

Shot Put

Senior Olivia Roberts tossed it 33’08.00” for fourth while Hannah Simpson recorded 29’08.50” for ninth and Phoebe Fiedler was 12th with 27’02.50”.

Discus Throw

Three Trojans competed with Julia Fritz setting a personal record with 117’01” that earned her second. Her freshman sister Sophia was 12th with 68’00” while ninth-grader Hannah Simpson (62’00.50”) was 15th.



1 Ottumwa 114.5

2 DSM East 87

3 Burlington 36.5

4 Fairfield 34

100 Meter Dash

Senior Caden Jones (12.05) was sixth while freshman Kaden Septer (13.16) crossed in ninth place.

200 Meter Dash

Nathans’ Trower (27.49) and Mathis (28.21) finished seventh and eighth, respectively.

400 Meter Dash

Senior Dylan Harvey was sixth with a time of 58.62 while classmate Nathan Mathis (1:01.96) was eighth.

800 Meter Run

Seniors Dalton Rippey (2:08.46) and Mark Diers (2:08.72) ran nearly identical times, as usual, finishing third and fourth, respectively, while their new-to-the 800 meter race class/teammate Brittan Bowman (x2:24.39) was eighth.

1600 Meter Run

Long-distance standout, sophomore Alex Forrest, was second in 4:47.54 while junior Bryan Wilkins ran it in 4:58.85 for fifth, freshman Caden Mickels (5:06.83) was seventh and freshman Tim Mia Zhixioug (5:35.63) was ninth.

3200 Meter Run

Wilkins was fifth in the two-mile with a time of 11:00.46 while Mickels (11:17.35) was sixth and sophomore Aiden Daugherty (11:41.45) finished eighth.

110 Meter Hurdles

FHS junior Matthew Swanson was sixth, crossing in 18.62, with freshman Jackson Nelson in seventh with a time of 20.38.

400 Meter Hurdles

Juniors Landon Kooiker and Matthew Swanson were fifth and seventh, respectively, with times of 1:00.69 and 1:06.35 while freshman Jackson Nelson (1:12.67) was 10th.

4x100 Meter Relay

FHS was fifth with a time of 47.24 by C. Ferrell, B. Bowman, C. Jones and L. Kooiker.

4x200 Meter Relay

Ferrell, Drew Martin, L. Kooiker and Tommy Jones combined for fifth place with a time of 1:39.72.

4x400 Meter Relay

Fourth place went to the Trojans’ Kevin Kretz, Dalton Rippey, M. Diers and D. Harvey with a time of 3:46.86.

4x800 Meter Relay

The combined two-mile was ran by cross country runners Diers, Rippey, Harvey and Forrest who completed the race in 8:54.13, good for second place.

800 Sprint Medley

The half-mile quarter sprint featured Ferrell, Swanson, Martin and Kretz with the team finishing fifth in 1:44.55.

Distance Medley

Martin, Bowman, Rippey and Kretz were third with a time of 4:03.75.

High Jump *FHS record set*

Trojan junior Landon Kooiker set a school record and qualified for the Drake Relays by equaling the blue standard of 6’6 which tied the old FHS mark held by Daniel Swartz, before raising the bar to 6’7 and clearing it.

“It was just a great day,” said Kooiker of his atmosphere last night at Ottumwa. “I knew coming in it was going to be sunny and 75 with a new surface and I was just thinking, ‘this is a great night to PR,’ and going up to the bar I felt like I had a good jump in me so I just let it rip.”

Kooiker said he had “perfect rhythm and it all came together.”

What was on his mind as he soared into the record books?

“I was just so excited. I went over and hugged my mom and I was so happy to get the school record. I was ecstatic.”

Not only did the Trojan fly high, he jumped nine full inches higher than second place Taryn Anderson of Des Moines East.

“I got over 6’6 and was just having fun and I tried 6’7 and got over it. I thought, you know what, I’m just going to go get it outright.”

New school

Kooiker moved to the Fairfield school district in late fall of 2017 of his sophomore year when his father took the job as City Administrator.

“I didn’t ever think I’d be on the school record books, even at other schools. It’s tough because you always have the top names of great athletes at the top of those lists and to be at the top of that list is nice to know.”

The Kooikers didn’t throw a party on the school-night Tuesday, Landon just “got some good sleep and it’s back to work today.”

When asked if he feels any pressure coming from a long-line of great athletes that goes back generations, Kooiker said with a smile, “A little bit, but nothing I can’t handle. It’s just kind of there in the back of my mind but nothing where I feel like if I don’t accomplish something I’ll be a disappointment. It’s just going out there and having fun and knowing my family is there to back me.”

What’s next?

“I probably could have jumped a little higher, but by the time I got into the higher heights, my legs were getting tired. I had been jumping for a while, but I am happy with 6’7 for at least last night. I talked with my coach about it and I’ll start a little higher, so that I’m not jumping so much before I get into the higher heights. That way, I can get to where I want just moving up one inch at a time at this point.”

Teammate Brittan Bowman was ninth with a jump of 5’4”

Long Jump

Drew Martin was sixth with a leap of 16’05.50”.

Discus Throw

Homerun hitter Tristin Waugh twisted his hips to a first-place finish with a combined flight and roll of 133’02” while his teammate Chris Kyle took ninth with 100’00” even.

Shot Put

Fifth place went to the senior Waugh who threw it 41’10.50”, followed by teammates Gage Hook (36’08.00”) who was 10th and Tyrone Haynes (32’08.50”) who finished 12th.