New jerseys approved for Trojan football

The new home design for the Trojan football jerseys the team will wear this fall.
The new home design for the Trojan football jerseys the team will wear this fall.

During Monday evenings school board meeting, the purchase of 60 home and away jerseys and 60 gray pants for the Fairfield High School football team was approved.

“We have a nice simple design and want to eventually get all of the kids in ninth through 12th grade in the same jerseys so don’t have to change if they move up or down,” said FHS AD Jeff Courtright. “Then we will just need to buy a couple jersey every few years instead of a whole new slew every four years. Obviously, you’re going to want to make sure the coaches and the kids and the community like them, but if that’s the case and we want to keep them similar, it will be something we can do easily and won’t have a big purchase with a big chunk of change at once, it will just be handled a little bit here and there, throughout the years.”

Fancy pants

“We found out in the process that the only difference in the jerseys was the logo on there and we want to get a good jersey, but we also want to be financially responsible and we found out that these jerseys are pretty much the same, so we went without the Nike swoosh or the Under Armour logo,” explained Courtright of the brand change.

“We’ve always said that the most important thing is not the jersey you’re wearing and if we’re going to think that the jersey is the most important thing than I would suggest we maybe look at our priorities and focus on those. Hopefully the Trojans will go out there and look nice and compete really well.”