Scheuermann sets state record for blocks

The Van Buren girls’ basketball team improved to 10-2 overall Tuesday night with a 39-30 home conference victory over SEISC rival West Burlington that featured a Iowa state-record for blocks made by 6’3 Warrior junior Taryn Scheuermann.

“It’s kind of amazing that a kid that age can get that many blocks and I don’t think she’s ever fouled out of a ballgame, she ended up with four but I was having her foul at the end,” said her head coach Matt Zeitler.

Scheuermann ended the game with four fouls to go with her nine points, 12 rebounds and 21 blocks, falling just a point short of a triple-double.

We Coach Z was asked if it looks like she is playing a different game out there than everyone else, he explained.

“I think she averages eight blocks a game and it’s not like she’s out there looking for them. (She averaged 10.4 before Tuesday and now averages 11.5 per) That was a big part of our game because those are each defensive stops and that was huge for us because she only scored nine points thanks to four girls hanging off of her. Again, good for us and we need to know that we can win without her scoring 20 a night and while you don’t think of blocks as a big factor, that should count for another 10 points for her because it’s addition but subtraction.”

Not even the focus

“It’s not like she was looking for blocked shots, these people are just so goofy they keep driving at her,” said Zeitler. “Some of these teams before the break learned to go around her, but Tuesday she probably only moved one foot on five of those shots that she had on one possession. Even the West Burlington people were wondering if they knew how to pump fake but Taryn usually does a good job of not leaving her feet which makes the blocks even more impressive.”

Will this move her further into the national spotlight? She’s already been talking to the University of Missouri for a couple of years.

“I didn’t think much of it, but then when I did my stats and you look at it and go, “Holy crap!” said Zeitler. “That is very impressive to do on the high school level.”

The state record had been 18 and the national record is 25. The Ledger will have more coverage and thoughts on the performance from Scheuermann herself next week.