Trojan girls' golf report

Without having a team score this year, we have taken to focus on the little things that will make us competitive when we have full numbers again next season,” explained Fairfield head coach Joe Kruzich.

“While their scores have been pretty consistent, I have seen improvements in every facet of the game. My job now, is to get those improvements to all “click” at the same time. When that happens, we’re going to see some really good scores.”

Recent rounds

“Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen career bests for each of the girls,” said Coach K. “Ella Phillips and Lindy Kaska shot 62 and 64, respectively, at the Bloomfield Country Club on April 16. Megan Higgins broke into the 40s on her back nine at the Kalona Invitational on April 19 to back up a 52 on the front side, giving her a total of 101 which was good enough for 14th place in a very respectable field of golfers.”

Coaches corner

“I love the girls’ attitude this season,” said the long-time, multiple sport leader. “They want to get better and it will all come together for them as they continue to trust the process.”