Trojans trounce Keokuk

No. 25 Cooper Drish and No. 23 Austin Simpson tip their caps to teammate/classmate Kosta Papazoglou after the senior hit a monstrous homer to end an 0-15 streak.
No. 25 Cooper Drish and No. 23 Austin Simpson tip their caps to teammate/classmate Kosta Papazoglou after the senior hit a monstrous homer to end an 0-15 streak.

The Trojan baseball team scored 28 runs Thursday night while allowing only two hits during a sweep of Keokuk that increased Fairfield’s record to 5-1 overall with the same record in the SEC.

Game one

FHS only scored two in the first, but added seven more runs in the second, five in the third and the 15th nail in the coffin in the fourth to walk-off with a mercy-shortened win.

Carter Ferrel, Jackson Weaton and Tristin Waugh all hit safely multiple times and Cooper Drish, Cole Engle, Ferrel, Kosta Papazoglou and Austin Simpson each scored at least twice in the opener.

Ferrel and Waugh led the RBI club with three each while Weaton not only started the game on the mound, he tallied the most runs driven in with four.

Weaton tossed three no-hit innings and was pulled after 47 pitches to save his arm for next week.

“My strategy was to throw strikes and let my defense do some work behind me,” said the recent graduate. “I had to keep my pitch count pretty low so that I can throw on Monday, so throwing strikes was going to be the best thing for me.”

Tristin Waugh threw the fourth inning for the Trojans and needed only 15 pitches to work through his four batters, allowing one walk and striking out two.

“I don’t pitch much,” said Waugh, “so it’s usually like a tryout for me every time I get on the mound to see if I’ll pitch in the future. I just try to throw strikes and pound the mitt. Try to get in a rhythm and avoid getting worked up when people get on base.”

Game two

Four in the first followed by four more in the second continued the everybody hits, everybody scores mantra.

Cole Engle started on the mound and went two innings, allowing two runs on two hits while striking out three and walking four.

“I’m trying to get my separation down and make sure I get in the strike zone,” said Engle.

Elan Ledger came in next to throw three innings of relief for FHS.

“I was just trying to throw strikes and get ground balls, because I knew I had a good defense behind me,” explained the junior.

“I’m trying to improve my hitting and outfield skills as well so that I can be a more all-around player and get some more varsity time, hopefully.”

Three Trojans hit long balls in game two with Mr. Papazoglou’s likely traveling the deepest into the wooded area past left-center.

“I was just trying to put the ball in play because I haven’t been hitting the ball very well and have been 0-15 in the last few games.”

The recent graduate got a first pitch high and inside, his favorite, and took it for a ride.

“It’s my favorite pitch so I was trying to take it yard and I did.”

Fellow seniors Tristin Waugh and Cooper Drish also went deep.

“Coach was just telling me to sit back on the ball,” explained Coop, “and he threw a fat one down the middle so I tried to line it out and it went over.”

Waugh also received his favorite pitch, a 3-1 middle-in mistake.

“It was a wham-bam, can of ham type of hit,” laughed Waugh.

“Coach Eels, a.k.a. the bat master as he says, tells us to stay back and really get comfortable in the box. Just keep our weight back and then get out on your front foot and that’s what I was doing and it worked out pretty well for me today.”

K-Pap added that, “I feel like our team is going to have a lot of home runs this year because we have some pretty big kids and we’re all pretty talented.”

“We have to try to make sure they are playing for team,” added Coach Josh Allison. “When they play for their teammates, they may strike out or make an error but it’s about what the team does that is important and we’ll keep reminding them to pull the rope and we’ll have everyone pulling the rope in the same direction. Eventually they’re all going to get hot and we’ve even got guys that aren’t able to break into the lineup that are hitting well in the cage so it’s going to be a fun summer.”


FHS travels to Mt. Pleasant Monday.